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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mortgage Nightmare-I Was Almost Committed

Oro Valley Real Estate Mortgage Nightmare-Started Popping Lorazepam by the Truck Load. Check these beauties Then Try and Get a Loan.
I decided to refinance my home with Bank... of America where I had my financial accounts. I have 800 credit, money in the bank, income and wanted a 110K loan on a home appraised at $410K. Easy-No Way. These Idiots, the one's that helped sink the market when giving loans to anyone who breathed during the boom, bought Countrywide Mortgage-bad move- and who should all be in San Quentin instead of drinking Cocktails in the Caribbean took over 3 months, hours of my time and needed everything but my shirt size to get the loan. That was 4 years ago. Today the economy is supposedly better, or that is what Wall Street and the Media is Spinning. Guess What. Home Mortgages and Refinances are Getting Tougher. WHERE ARE THE COMMON SENSE LOANS? See More

Oro Valley Real Estate. Foreclosures-Are You Buying a Dog?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oro Valley Real Estate-Are Foreclosures Like Buying a Cheap Toaster

Oro Valley Real Estate Are Foreclosures a Dog?
The price may look right but generally they are sold as-is. The roof could be a patch job, mold, poly piping, leaking pool and the list goes on. So a price of $250k sounds good, but with $50k in repairs, which will have to be paid for in cash, as getting a line of credit on top of 20% down is next to impossible with these Cry Baby Lenders. You may be Buying a Lemon.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Buy a Home with a Pool or No Pool?

Oro Valley Real Estate Pool or No Pool?

Oro Valley Real Estate Pool or No Pool
Do you buy a home with a pool already in, or put a new pool in later? All depends. Pools depreciate like a new car, so putting a new pool in can be bad financially. But an old pool can be a pain in maintenance, never mind maybe be wrongly positioned in the back yard. A new pool comes with warranties and all the latest features-auto-fill being essential in Arizona. This is an Open Discussion with No Right Answer. What Do You Think?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oro Valley v Cape Cod Real Estate Comparison

Oro Valley Real Estate Cape Cod v Oro Valley $2Million
Shack v Mansion No Comparison. Oro Valley AZ Wins. Save Big Bucks Buy Oro Valley