Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oro Valley Real Estate Paperless Woes

Oro Valley Real Estate Paperless Society A Joke-Get Rid of the Lawyers First.

Try and Buy One of These Beauties Without Paper-Good Luck


E-Signature and On-Line Contract software breaks down constantly particularly with computer updates, Buyers and Sellers I deal with want to see the full contract in their hands, not on a computer screen, More legal paperwork with each transaction, Many clients do not have the latest technology on their computers to sync, Apple, Android and Windows are all different and sometimes incompatible. I use pen and paper to fill out a contract, give my clients paper copies of everything and I Know Computers. I get paper copies of all my bills even though everyone wants me to go paperless to save money. My investor friend worth millions used to have a one page contract to buy anything.